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Brewing - Ingredients - Adjuncts

Inox Food Grade Grease   $9.95 /ea
---Brewing Sugars---    
Dextrose (Corn Sugar) 1Kg   $3.95 
Dextrose (Corn Sugar) 25Kg Bag (Gluten Free)   $49.95 
Maltodextrin (Corn Syrup) (Gluten Free) (1Kg)   $4.45 
Maltodextrin (Corn Syrup) 25 Kg Bag (Gluten Free)   $86.26 
Lactose 1Kg   $9.95 
Belgian Candi Syrup Amber 1Kg (Gluten Free)   $19.95 
Belgian Candi Syrup Dark 1Kg (Gluten Free)   $19.95 
Belgian Candi Syrup Dark 2 1Kg (Gluten Free)   $19.95 
Belgian Rock Brown Candi (GlutenFree)   $17.99 
Belgian Rock Brown Candi (GlutenFree)   $17.99 
Belgian Candi Rock Amber (Gluten Free)   $17.99 
Belgian Soft Amber Sugar   $13.99 
Belgian Soft Blonde Sugar (Gluten Free)   $13.99 
Sugar (Sucrose) (Gluten Free)   $1.50 
Soft Brown Sugar (Gluten Free)   $4.00 
---Dry Malt Extract (DME)---    
Light Dry Malt Extract 1Kg (LDME)   $10.95 
Light Dry Malt Extract LDME (20Kg Bag)   $155.00 
---Liquid Malt Extract LME---    
Briess Bavarian Wheat 1.5Kg   $14.95 
Briess Pilsen Light 1.5Kg   $14.95 
Briess Golden Light 1.5Kg   $14.95 
Briess Munich 1.5Kg   $14.95 
Briess Sparkling Amber 1.5Kg   $14.95 
Briess Traditional Dark 1.5Kg   $14.95 
Briess Sorghum Syrup 1.5 Kg (Gluten Free)   $14.95 


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