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Cascade USA (T90)

Cascade USA (T90)

Current Stock

Alpha Acids                         7.6%

Beta Acids                           7.1%


Cascade was developed in the U.S.D.A. breeding program in Oregon and released as a U.S. aroma variety in 1972. It is characterized by a dark green elongated cone which contains low amounts of alpha acids. The aroma is of medium strength and very distinct. The variety has good cone production and is agronomically strong with good crown resistance to downy mildew


Typical Values

Maturity              Medium

Growing Areas  US

Yield (kilos per hectare)                1792 - 2240

Yield (lbs per acre)           1600 - 2000

Alpha Acids*                      4.5 - 7.0%

Beta Acids                           4.8 - 7.0%

Alpha-Beta Ratio              0.9 - 1.0

Cohumulone                      33 - 40% of alpha acids

Total Oils              .               7 - 1.4 (mls. per 100g dried hops)

Myrcene                              45 - 60% of total oils

Beta-Caryophyllene        3.5 - 5.5% of total oils

Humulene                           8 - 13% of total oils

Farnesene                          3 - 7% of total oils

Storage                                                49% Storage is percent remaining after 6 months at room temperature

Image and Data Courtesy Baath Hass and Hop Products Australia

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Acid Alpha : 6.9 %

Price/g : $0.12


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