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1056 American Ale

1056 American Ale

Very clean, crisp flavor characteristics with low fruitiness and mild ester production. A very versatile yeast for styles that desire dominant malt and hop character. This strain makes a wonderful “House” strain. Mild citrus notes develop with cooler 60-66°F (15-19ºC) fermentations. Normally requires filtration for bright beers.

Origin: Flocculation: Medium-Low Attenuation: 73-77% Temperature Range: 60-72F, 15-22C Alcohol Tolerance: 11% ABV

Styles:    American Amber Ale    American Barleywine    American Brown Ale    American IPA    American Pale Ale    American Stout    Braggot    Brown Porter    Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer    Cream Ale    Dry Stout    Fruit Beer    Imperial IPA    Irish Red Ale    Other Smoked Beer    Russian Imperial Stout    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer    Strong Scotch Ale    Wood-Aged Beer

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