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Super Aroma 10ml Syringe Dealz

Super Aroma 10ml Syringe Dealz

Tip Colour: Orange.

This product is very low Alpha - 0.8% Alpha, great for adding a boost to the Aroma.


YC-HopAroma Super is primarily used as kettle hop ingredient to economically replace or reinforce the aroma fraction of the traditional kettle hop bill. It is designed to provide hop character to beer and our belief is that the quantity of hop oils and the time of their addition will have more influence on beer aroma than the oil profile of hops alone. YC-HopAroma Super used in the brew kettle will lead to improved trub formation. Also, beta acids and hop oils will enhance the antimicrobial and antifoam properties in wort.


Add the YC-HopAroma Super into wort early during kettle boil to control excessive foaming and contribute to the kettle break and late during kettle boil to provide hop aroma to beer. YC- HopAroma Super, packaged in tins, has to be heated up to 40°C and properly mixed in order to melt and homogenize the product before making an addition into the brew kettle. Heating temperature and time to melt may vary slightly. Temperatures above 50°C are not recommended to prevent loss of delicate aroma components. The addition of 0.2 Kg - 0.5 Kg of YC-HopAroma Super to the equivalent of 100 HL of finished beer 10-15 minutes before kettle break will provide a good base for evaluation of hop character.


YC-HopAroma Super should be stored at a temperature between -3°C and 20°C and will remain stable in closed container for 5 years when stored under these conditions

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