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Brewing - Ingredients - Hops by the gram

---Hop Pellets---    
Amarillo USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Bramling Cross UK (T90)   $0.13 /g
Budget Bittering (T90) Magnum   $0.13 /g
Cascade USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Centennial USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Challenger UK (T90)   $0.13 /g
Chinook USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Citra USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Cluster USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Columbus (US) T90   $0.13 /g
Crystal USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
East Kent Goldings UK (T90)   $0.13 /g
Eclipse AUS (T90)    $0.13 /g
Eclipse AUS (T90)    $0.13 /g
Ekuanot USA T90   $0.13 /g
Ella (AUS) T90   $0.13 /g
El Dorado (US) T90   $0.13 /g
Enigma (AUS) T90   $0.13 /g
Fuggles UK (T90)   $0.13 /g
Galaxy AUS (T90)   $0.13 /g
Glacier USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Hallertau Mitt GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Hersbrucker GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Lemondrop USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Magnum GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Motueka NZ (T90)   $0.13 /g
Mosaic USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Nectaron (Hort4337) NZ (T90)   $0.13 /g
Nelson Sauvin NZ (T90)   $0.13 /g
Northdown UK (T90)   $0.13 /g
Northern Brewer GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Pacifica NZ (T90)   $0.13 /g
Perle (Hallertau Perle) GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Super Pride (AUS) (T90)   $0.13 /g
Saaz Czech (T90)   $0.13 /g
Simcoe USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Sabro USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Sorachi Ace USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Spalt GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Strisselspalt FR (T90)   $0.13 /g
Styrian Goldings SLV (T90)   $0.13 /g
Target UK (T90)   $0.13 /g
Tettnang GER (T90)   $0.13 /g
Topaz AUS (T90)   $0.13 /g
Warrior USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
Vic Secret (AUS) T90   $0.13 /g
Willamette USA (T90)   $0.13 /g
---Hop Syringes---    
Cascade Resin (Green Tip)   $12.95 /Syringe
---Hop Pellet Special Blends---    
7C's Hop Mix   $0.13 /g
---Herbs & Spices---    


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