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Brewing - Ingredients - Malts

Australian Malts and Grain    
Pilsner (Au)   $4.65 /kg
Ale (Au)   $4.65 /kg
Vienna Malt (Au)   $5.45 /kg
Munich (Au)   $5.45 /kg
Munich Dark (Au)   $5.45 /kg
Cara Malt (Au)   $5.25 /kg
Medium Crystal (Au)   $5.25 /kg
Dark Crystal (Au)   $5.25 /kg
Chocolate Malt (Au)   $6.45 /kg
Roast Malt (Au)   $5.25 /kg
Wheat Malt (Au)   $5.15 /kg
Wheat (Raw) (Au)   $4.95 /kg
Rolled Oats (Au)   $5.55 /kg
Rolled Barley (Au)   $6.25 /kg
Rolled Wheat (Au)   $4.95 /kg
Rolled/Flaked Rice (Au)   $9.95 /kg
Rice Hulls (Au)   $4.95 /kg
German Malt and Grain    
Pilsner (GER)   $5.40 /kg
Premium Pilsener (GER)   $5.45 /kg
Premium Pilsener (GER)    $5.45 /Kg
Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsener (GER)   $6.65 /kg
Pale Ale (GER)   $5.45 /Kg
Vienna Malt (GER)   $5.55 /kg
Munich Light (GER)   $5.55 /kg
Munich Dark (GER)   $5.55 /kg
Abbey Malt (GER)   $6.65 /kg
Cara Pils (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Hell (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Carabelge (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Red (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Caraamber® (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Munich T1 (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Munich T2 (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Munich T3 (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Bohemian (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Cara Aroma (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Wheat Pale (GER)   $5.45 /Kg
Wheat Dark (GER)   $5.55 /Kg
Carawheat (GER)   $6.75 /Kg
Wheat Chocolate (GER)   $6.75 /Kg
Carafa S Type 1 (GER)   $6.85 /Kg
Carafa S Type 2 (GER)   $6.85 /Kg
Carafa S Type 3 (GER)   $6.85 /Kg
Melanoidin (GER)   $6.65 /Kg
Acidulated (GER)   $7.75 /Kg
Rauch (Beach Smoked) Malt (GER)   $6.55 /Kg
Rye Malt (GER)   $5.75 /Kg
Caramel Rye Malt (GER)   $6.75 /Kg
Chocolate Rye (GER)   $6.75 /Kg
UK Malt    
Extra Pale Ale (UK)   $5.45 /Kg
Pale Ale (UK)   $5.95 /Kg
Maris Otter Floor Malted (UK)   $5.95 /Kg
Golden Promise - Floor Malted (UK)   $5.95 /Kg
Distillling Malt (UK)   $5.35 /Kg
Heavy Peated Distilling (UK)   $7.55 /Kg
Medium Caramalt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Medium Caramalt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Medium Caramalt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Light Crystal Malt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Medium Crystal (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Heritage Crystal Med (UK)   $6.95 /kg
Dark Crystal Malt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Aromatic Malt (UK)   $6.45 /kg
Amber Malt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Brown Malt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Pale Chocolate Malt (UK)   $6.55 /Kg
Chocolate Malt (UK)   $6.45 /Kg
Chocolate Malt (UK)   $6.45 /kg
Black Malt (UK)   $6.75 /Kg
Roast Barley (UK)   $6.45 /kg
Oat Malt (UK)   $7.95 /kg
Golden Naked Oat (UK)   $7.90 /kg
Torrefied Wheat (UK)   $6.95 /Kg
Rolled/Flaked Barley (UK)   $6.25 /Kg
Flaked Maize (UK)   $8.25 /Kg
Belgian Malt    
Dingemans Aromatic (BEL)   $6.75 /Kg
Dingemans Biscuit (BEL)   $6.75 /Kg
Dingemans Special B (BEL)   $6.75 /Kg
American Malts    
Victory Malt (US)   $7.25 /kg
New Zealand Malts    
Shepherds Delight (NZ)   $6.55 /Kg


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